[Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook “Mr Right” interview with iFensi


Ji Chang Wook had an exclusive interview with Chinese entertainment site ifensi after the “Mr Right” press conference yesterday.

The interview was streamed live on ifensi, and fans were able to leave questions for him online and answer a quiz. In the interview, he spoke of the difficulties of filming in China and learning Chinese. Watch the video for more!

Please click on CC for English subs.


Source: ifensi

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6 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook “Mr Right” interview with iFensi

  1. He needs to do Korean Drama already! Miss him…
    I gotta say, that hair…the middle parting, not very flattering.

    • i agree, we need to see him on air soon in korea and i also don’t like his hair that way but who can resist that smile!

  2. Thanks for this post Gabby.

    JCW’s always so cute when he’s being interviewed. He’s right though..he has always been cute. 😁

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