[Music] Ji Chang Wook’s Chinese album “Be With You” purchase details

Ji Chang Wook’s Chinese album “Be With You (陪你/Pei Ni)” is now available for purchase in hardcopy!

His Chinese agency has made the album available for <strikethrough>international</strikethrough> purchase on their official Taobao shop. Each album is priced at 52 Yuan (excluding shipping) and comes with a poster, photobook and 3 photo cards.

The album contains 3 songs:
1. 陪你 (Be With You)
2. 幸福的定律 (Rule of Happiness)
3. 星晴 (Starry Night) – Korean remake of Jay Chou’s hit song

The album can be ordered from here >>> LINK

15 March update: Bravo Music has clarified that they are unable to ship the album overseas. For those who have already ordered and have yet to receive the album, please cancel your order and request for a refund. 

If you are unsure of how to order through Taobao, please refer to our previous tutorial for his 2016 calendar as the steps are similar. Unlike the calendar, the album is available for Taobao direct shipping, so the shipping cost should be cheaper this time round.

Perhaps this can be a Christmas present for yourself? Happy shopping!

27 December update:
The product is no longer available on Taobao, likely because it has been sold out.  We will update when additional copies are put on sale again.

4 January 2016 update:
Albums have been restocked on Taobao!

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36 thoughts on “[Music] Ji Chang Wook’s Chinese album “Be With You” purchase details

  1. Hi, I am having trouble registering in taobao.com because I don’t speak nor read Chinese. I am in America and I would really like to buy his album. Can someone help me please?

    • Hi, we would suggest that you refrain from buying his album through taobao as his agency is not offering overseas shipping. Unfortunately, we do not know of any other ways of purchasing his album except for getting someone in China to buy for you.

      • Aw… That’s sad! But I appreciate the advice. Now, all I have to do is find a friend in China. 😅 Anyone?!

      • i order my CD about 2 months ago and it was deducted of my bank acount and still NO CD last i saw it was on its way THIS REALLY SUCK!!! WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • We have heard about some foreign fans having issues with purchasing his album, so we’ve been trying to get the Chinese agency to look into the matter, but they have yet to give a proper respond to our queries. We will keep trying until someone answers. Meanwhile, you might want to message the seller on Taobao also. It’s ok if you do not know how to write Chinese, at least just write a complain to them to put pressure on them.

    • FYI..I placed my order on Dec 31, 2015 and am still waiting. Payment made as well. There has been no status update whatsoever. And I kept clicking the “reminder to seller” button to no avail. I have put this purchase as a lost cause.

      I’ve not had any problems with my previous purchases – JCW’s Lonsdale t-shirt and his 2016 calendar. I didn’t want to mention this to JCWKitchen cause they have been so very helpful in showing us how to put in our orders. Frankly I didn’t want to stress you guys out with such issues which are really out of your hands

      But regardless of the situation..I’m still happily listening to JCW’s songs from this album. Thank you YouTube!

      PS. I’m still optimistic that that parcel will arrive one day! Think positive!!

    • We are not sure if the album is being sold in CD stores since it really depends on individual shop owners if they want to import his album for sale. But you will certainly be able to buy the album online from Taobao.

      • Yippee!!! I didn’t think the CD would sell as fast as they did. Thank God they have restocked. Thanks JCWKitchen!

      • Oops! My apologies. You’re right, the album is still out of stock. I accessed the link on my phone earlier and somehow the info was displayed differently. We will update again once we’ve checked that it has been restocked.

      • Gabby..stock is in! I just placed my order! Yes!!

        And for those who has problem with the Chinese website..use Google Chrome as your browser. It provides an option to translate the whole web page for you. Really helps a lot. I usually use Mac’s Safari browser until someone told me about this option. Such a relief. Good luck.

      • Oh! Thanks for letting everyone know. Great that you’ve finally ordered a copy. You must have been checking the store everyday, haha.

      • Haha.. You guessed right Gabby! Was kicking myself for leaving it so late this time. So thankful they restocked so quickly! 😆

    • We are not too sure about this. We did a search at a few Korean online shopping sites but didn’t see the album for sale on any of them. As of now, we only know that the Chinese agency is selling the album on their Taobao store.

  2. hello happy holiday i was wondering if its possible to give me all the movies that JCW has come out in plz, i want to buy them thank you

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to tell his Chinese agency to sell his album on Amazon or other English sites, but at least they made it available for overseas shipping. He is a Korean artiste, so it is only natural that many of his stuff has to be ordered through non-English sites. There’s nothing we can do about it.

  3. Its hard to order the calendar cuz its in a different language and i went to the site cuz i want tbe cd and the same cant read it HELP

    • We’ve provided English translation as much as possible in our tutorial. You can also make use of google translate to translate the page. Unfortunately, the site has no English version so we just have to make do with it.

      • So how do i get to order the cd? do you know if JCW would be coming out to los agngeles californina any time ?

      • You need to register for a Taobao account and purchase the CD using the link included in our post. The steps are similar to the tutorial we did for the calendar (link also included in the post). We do not know if he will be coming to the USA any time soon.

    • @gloria..can totally understand your frustration. But if you follow JCWKitchen’s English tutorial it’s really not so bad. And if you want to translate something just copy that whole chunk and paste it into google translate. Not perfect translation but you can get the gist of it. I bought the calendar following JCWKitchen’s instructions. Very easy to follow instructions. Give it a try. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for this piece of info Gabby..

    Debating whether to get this hard copy.. 🙄🙄 But I should support our JCW..mmmm.. 🙂

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