[Instagram Update] 31 December 2015


2015년 마지막 스케쥴!!!!!! 고생했다 내 20대여….
#굿바이 #나의 #20대 #반갑다 #나의 #30대

Last schedule of the year 2015!!!!!! You’ve worked hard. My twenties…. #goodbye #my #twenties #nice to meet you #my #thirties

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5 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 31 December 2015

  1. happy new year just wanted to say that both cherkell and gabby have done a super great job with this site LOVE IT!! hope that the new year brings you much for succes in all that you do with the site and on your own daily life as persons.i alos want to say that thru this site and JI CHANG WOOK i(we all) have met and made great friends thanks to JI CHANG WOOK. best wishess in all that you do and lets see what 2016 brings our way!!

  2. i too want to thank cherkell and gabby for their work this year in making us aware of what ji chang wook has been up to, without which i don’t think i would have gotten to know more about him and found such a delightful man to follow. thank you, have a good new year and may jcw continue to delight his fans and have fun while doing it!

  3. Happy New Year JCW! 2015 was indeed your year! You star shone the brightest last year and you deserved all the accolades!

    More power in 2016 and God Bless You more!!!

    Cherkell and Gabby thank you for keeping us updated always with JCW! You have made our fangirling journey so much exciting and fun!

    Happy 2016 and Cheers!!!!

  4. JCW is like wine…the more aging, the better he becomes. He’s grown very strong tree roots…career, family, friends, life goals and of course, very devoted fans. Here’s wishing JCW success and happiness throughout 2016!

    Gabby and Cherkell…thank you for this wonderful website…it’s the best! I’m a newbie but I look forward all the wonderful JCW news and updates. Happy New Year!!!

  5. Thanks for this last Instagram for 2015 Gabby!

    JCW..you have worked really really hard in 2015. Can’t believe you will be entering your 30s in 2016. You still look like a baby Your Imperial Cuteness! Wishing you all the very very best in 2016 JCW! 🎉

    Happy New Year Gabby and Cherkell. The 2 of you have worked really really hard as well in 2015. Thank you so very much for all the work you have put into this site. Wishing the 2 of you success in all your projects in 2016! 🍾

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