[Eng Sub] 20160104 Ji Chang Wook interview with Star! Investigative Team


Ji Chang Wook had an exclusive interview with Chinese site Yin Yue Tai before appearing at the drama awards show in China. In this interview, he demonstrates his command of the Chinese language and takes on a speed quiz to share more about himself. 

Click on CC for English subtitles. Translated from Chinese and Korean into English.

Enjoy some screencaps!

Source: Yin Yue Tai

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10 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20160104 Ji Chang Wook interview with Star! Investigative Team

  1. I would love to see him dance!!! Am I correct to assume he’s contemplating of doing another variety? Mind you, he was not silly at all, he’s just simply adorable! I would be very very happy should he do another K-drama soon…as in SOON!

    Thanks heaps for the subs!

  2. Thanks so much for translating this interview Gabby!

    I was just thinking that it has been too long since JCW did an interview..and then you post this! You must’ve heard me Gabby! 😆

    Aa always JCW makes me smile and he makes me laugh in his interviews. Specially the tongue twisters he tried to do in Mandarin.😆 JCW really amazes me with his tenacity to learn. Whether it’s learning a language or to dance! Can’t wait to see that! I know JCW’s going to kill me with that one! Simply love this interview. Thanks again so much Gabby!

  3. Hi Gabby, I’m Viji, a new fan of Ji Chang Wook. I watched him for the first time in Healer and….Oh My God!!!….I can’t wait for his movie and drama to come. Thanks so much for all these videos…And this particular video is the cutest!! 🙂 Happy new year to you all 🙂

  4. He is so adorable in this interview. Because JCW never avoids challenges and is always trying to better himself, I am confident that he will learn to dance.

  5. Thank you. It was a very cute inerview. I loled when he admitted to admiring himself after a shower. I thought it was interesting that he actually said he got the questions in advance.

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