[Weibo Update] 6 January 2016

新年好!! 大家有没有好好地准备来看我的演唱会呢?? 快来领#池昌旭的红包#, 带着我对大家满满的爱, 过一个开心的新年哦!![愛你]

Happy New Year!! Is everyone prepared to see my concert?? Come and get #Ji Chang Wook red packets#, with all my love to you, have a Happy New Year!! [愛你]

*Red packets are traditionally exchanged during Chinese New Year. Weibo is having a red packet campaign where users can claim virtual red packets and also contribute money to red packets.

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Left Coast Otaku and Chicago Expat, successfully mangling both the Japanese and Korean languages at the same time. Devoted Ji Chang Wook Follower since 2007; proof positive at jichangwookkitchen.com. Fangirl Squeeeeeing Nightly; No Cover Charge.

4 thoughts on “[Weibo Update] 6 January 2016

  1. Thanks for this update Cherkell.

    I presume JCW’s referring to to his concert in Shenzhen? I want an angpow from JCW too! 😄

    • He’s referring to his upcoming concert in Beijing on 23 January. Shenzhen was postponed out of respect to the lives lost due to the mudslide there on 22 December.

      • Oh..thanks for this piece of info Cherkell. Feel sorry for JCW’s fans on Shenzhen..but feel more sorry for the families who’ve lost loved ones in this tragedy.

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