[News] Ji Chang Wook shows support for charity theatre performance

소아암 어린이 돕기 기부 공연 버스를 놓치다 스타들 응원 영상.mp4_20160107_214914.357

Several stars including Ji Chang Wook appeared in a video message to show their support for “Miss the Bus (버스를 놓치다), a charity theatre performance meant to raise funds for children diagnosed with childhood cancer. 

Besides Ji Chang Wook, actors Shim Hyung Tak (Let’s Eat) and Choi Mu Sung (Reply 1988, Empress Ki), and actresses Lee Hye Young (Boys Over Flowers) and Lee Il Hwa (“Reply” series, Iljimae) also sent their words of support in the video. Ji Chang Wook appears around the 0:45 mark in the video.

“Miss the Bus” is having fundraising performances to help children with childhood cancer. Everyone, please show give it lots of interest. I hope many of you will come and watch. Thank you.

The theatre performance tells the story of three people who meet coincidentally at a bus stop. All three of them have faced failure in their lives, but they find hope again through their chance meeting. The show will run for three weeks from 11 to 30 January at the Bara Art Hall in Apgujeong, Seoul.

Source: Sports Choson, Kookmin Ilbo Youtube, Bara Art Hall

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