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Left Coast Otaku and Chicago Expat, successfully mangling both the Japanese and Korean languages at the same time. Devoted Ji Chang Wook Follower since 2007; proof positive at jichangwookkitchen.com. Fangirl Squeeeeeing Nightly; No Cover Charge.

6 thoughts on “[Weibo Update] 10 January 2016

  1. I can totally sympathize. I’m trying to learn Korean and I find it so hard. I can’t even seem to hear the difference between different vowels.

  2. Haha.. Thanks Cherkell! This made my morning!

    JCW’s just so cute. Even when he’s serious. Love all those kiddy books he’s got laid out on the table. Love it! He’s trying so hard. If anyone can do it it’ll be you JCW! Work hard!! 💪

  3. He’s soooo cute! Such determination and focus!!! Love those markers and picture-word books…coming from a teacher.

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