[Movie] Ji Chang Wook wraps up filming for “Fabricated City”


Filming for Director Park Kwang Hyun’s new work and Ji Chang Wook’s debut movie “Fabricated City” has been completed.

According to CJ Entertainment, filming for “Fabricated City” began on 1 July last year and went on for six months, from summer till winter, before completing on 29 December last year after 85 rounds of filming.

After completing all the filming schedule, which included dangerous scenes such as intense action scenes and chase scenes, the director, actors and staff exchanged greetings of happiness and regret and special memories at the final filming.

“Fabricated City” (working title) is a crime action movie about a man Kwon Yoo, whose life is turned upside down after he is framed for a murder for no reason, who then goes after the truth of the case that has been perfectly fabricated. Ji Chang Wook, who shot to fame jn Asia through the drama “Empress Ki”, plays the role of Kwon Yoo, who is a great leader of team Resurrection in the gaming world but an unemployed man with nothing to do in real life. Shim Eunkyung, who was the lead in the movie “Miss Granny” which drew more than 8.65 million audiences, plays Yeo Wool, a genius hacker who works with Kwon Yoo to unravel the truth.

Ji Chang Wook, who is making his big screen debut in “Fabircated City”, said, “I want to tell all the staff and actors that they have worked really hard. I am thankful to all the people whom I’ve worked with on this movie, and I was very happy.” Shim Eun Kyung said, “I’ve had many thoughts of wanting to work with Director Park Kwang Hyun and actor Ji Chang Wook, and I’m honoured to be able to work with a good director and actor on a meaningful project. ‘Fabricated City’ is also a movie that I’m personally looking forward to. It will be a highly imaginative movie that is hard to come by, so I hope audiences will look forward to it.”


Director Park Kwang Hyun said, “Filming could be completed without a hitch thanks to all the actors and staff. I’m deeply moved as though I’ve surmounted a huge mountain, and I will work hard on the post-production to repay with a thankful heart.”

The movie is expected to be released in 2016.

Source: Star News

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