[Drama] Ji Chang Wook stills and behind-the-scenes in “Mr. Right” [Part 2]


The publicity machine for Ji Chang Wook’s Chinese drama “Mr Right” has been on overdrive since our last update, pushing out stills and GIFs of him in character and working behind-the-scenes on the set almost everyday.

Ji Chang Wook is playing two characters in the drama — the warm and kind Wang Wei An, and the brother with the irritable personality Wang Rui. You can have some fun guessing which character he’s playing in each still:

(click on the pictures to view in gallery mode)


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Plus a calendar for the month of January!…or what’s left of it.


Source: Mr Right offical weibo (see watermarks)

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7 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook stills and behind-the-scenes in “Mr. Right” [Part 2]

  1. this really looks interesting! i love him more every time i see him involved in something. he makes my heart pitter patter!

  2. Interesting pictures. I especially like that one where JCW was peeping from the wooden gate/fence. His expression is so innocent & cute ☺ Simply 💗 it! I think he can act in comedy too.

  3. Please let the guy with the hair parted in the middle be the “bad” twin. May the one with the hair all down be the warm kind twin.

    Thank you for the update!

  4. Wow! Thanks Gabby! You’re right..the publicity department has gone a bit nuts! But more for us to feast our eyes!

    My guess for JCW’s characters.. JCW with the floppy hair’s the warm and kind Wang Wei An. JCW with middle parting hair is the irritable Wang Rui. Floppy haired JCW is the one I like so I think that’s the warm twin! 😆

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