[Instagram/Weibo Update] 17 January 2016

Goodnight 💋


Yinwei wo dele zhege jiang suoyi jintian wo hen kaixin [爱你]  Xiexie wo de fensi pengyoumen

Wo ai nimen[心][心] Haojiubujian weijiage!!! [可爱][嘻嘻] @李维嘉 Huoguo feichang haochi!!![心]

Because I won this award I am very happy today  [爱你]  Thank you to all my fans

I love you all [心][心] Long time no see elder brother Weijia!!! [可爱][嘻嘻] @liweijia hot pot was extremely delicious!!![心]

Wook reunites with Happy Camp Host Li Weijia

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5 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 17 January 2016

  1. Congratulations to JCW on winning this award!
    Glad that he finally get to eat huoguo! 🍲
    Must be yummy 😋

  2. Thanks for this great piece of news Cherkell!

    JCW won a music award? This is amazing! Congratulations JCW! So very happy for you!

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