[News] Ji Chang Wook returns to Korea for upcoming events

Aw, poor boy!  Ji Chang Wook returned to Korea on 2 February from his drama filming in Shanghai.  Looks like that head cold he picked up in Beijing hasn’t quite disappeared, so good for him to take precautionary measures and mask-up accordingly.  The Gov 3.0 event in Seoul is today (3 February), and Seollal (Lunar New Year) begins this weekend, so we’re glad to see him back on his home turf.  Enjoy some photos from his arrival at Gimpo!

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2 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook returns to Korea for upcoming events

  1. Thanks for this piece of news Cherkell.

    Glad JCW’s taking precautions but..shouldn’t his mask cover his nose as well? 🤔😄

    • just what i was thinking. germs get thru your nose so it won’t do a lot of good to just cover up your mouth unless you are trying to keep your own germs in but then you can’t sneeze or it is mute. just hope he is almost over it and feeling better soon.

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