[Event] Ji Chang Wook appointed Goodwill Ambassador of Gov 3.0

Ji Chang Wook was officially appointed as the ambassador of Gov 3.0 and participated in a promotional campaign to introduce this new government service to the public.

On the basis of openness, sharing, communication and cooperation, Gov 3.0 is a new government innovative paradigm to create a government centred on the people, by providing a bespoke service to bring more convenience to the daily lives of citizens.

As the goodwill ambassador of Gov 3.0, Ji Chang Wook showed enthusiasm at the promotional event today. He distributed leaflets while moving from the Sejong Government Complex to the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, and also participated in the “Scissors Paper Stone with Citizens” quiz, spending an enjoyable time with residents. He also posed with participants after the quiz for commemorative photos, showing a warm image even in the cold weather.

Ji Chang Wook expressed his thoughts as the newly appointed ambassador, “Gov 3.0 works hard for the happiness and trust of citizens, which is similar to an actor who lives and breathes with the people. While appearing in the Gov 3.0 television commercial, I felt that there was plenty of good information that should be made known to the people so that they can enjoy greater convenience in life. I will work hard so that all citizens will learn of Gov 3.0 through my activities as a goodwill ambassador.”

Hong Yoon Shik, the minister of Ministry of the Interior explained the reason for choosing Ji Chang Wook as the ambassador, “I’m grateful that an actor who is well-liked by the public has come forth enthusiastically as a goodwill ambassador, and this will be a great boost to us as Gov 3.0 will be steadily introduced into the lives of citizens.”

Ji Chang Wook is expected to participate in various promotional activities such as events, commercials and promotional materials in order for citizens to get familiarised with Gov 3.0. Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook is currently busy with Chinese concerts, photo shoots, and filming for the Chinese drama “Mr. Right”.



Here is a video of him at today’s event:

Note: The original video was already out of sync with the audio. We will not be subbing this video.

Source:  Dong A Ilbo; Ministry of the Interior official Twitter, Gov 3.0 Facebook

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  1. inspite of his super busy schedule, our Emperor took time out to to be of service to his country.
    looking handsome as always at the event!

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