[Instagram/Weibo Update] 9 February 2016 (Updated)



새해엔 운동합시다…..😁😁

Let’s exercise during the new year…..😁😁



Yundong wan le!!![嘻嘻][耶]
Xiwang dajia haohao chi wancan![哈哈][哈哈]

Finished exercising!!![嘻嘻][耶]
I hope everyone eats a proper dinner![哈哈][哈哈]



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3 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 9 February 2016 (Updated)

  1. OMG…I was distracted by his muscular arms!! But I agree with CSL, being in the entertainment industry can mean many life sacrifices. I hope that JCW’s fans’ loyalty and love can help compensate and show him how much we care for him no matter how far away we are.

    Is that a soccer game scoreboard? Bet JCW wishes he were on the field. Soon…soon…spring will be here. Thank you Gabby.

    • @Chiyomi..I was mesmerized by those arms till I read his message and then my heart cracked! 😆 New Year should be spent with friends and family and it really saddens me to no end to know that he was surrounded by dumbbells on this auspicious day! 😥

  2. Thanks for this post Gabby..but you’re breaking my heart with this!

    Why is JCW exercising on New Year’s Day??!! 😭😭 Shouldn’t he be out somewhere with his Chinese friends?

    And he’s asking if we had a proper dinner?! 😭😭 Someone..please..feed this man!!!

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