[Instagram/Weibo Update] 10 February 2016


좋은 아침!! #상해 #와이탄 #상쾌한 #아침 #촬영

Good morning!! #Shanghai #Waitan #brisk #morning #filming


Zaoshang hao!!!!  Waitan hen piaoliang [心][心]

Good morning!!!!  Waitan is very pretty [心][心]

Yinwei jintian tianqi feichang feichang hao!! Suoyi wo hen kaixin [嘻嘻] Jintian women yiqi jiayou ba [阴险][嘻嘻][哈哈] @尹熙水

Because today’s weather is very very good!! So I feel very happy [嘻嘻] Today we work hard together [阴险][嘻嘻][哈哈] @yinxishui

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2 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 10 February 2016

  1. Thanks for this translated post Cherkell.

    I’m glad the weather is kind to JCW. And that that makes him happy. Sometimes I think this man just puts on a brave front. I mean that no matter how sad or how much he misses his family – specially his mother! – and friends he won’t show it at all. Always a smile on his face! 👍💪

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