[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold concert in Osaka

Ji Chang Wook is back on the road again, and Japan is the lucky recipient this time around!  Wook will be holding another music concert in Osaka on 17 April 2016, with the details as follows:

JCW in OSK” Ji Chang Wook 楽ruck CONCERT (all times listed are local Japan time)

Date:  17 April 2016 (Sun.); doors open at 4:00pm, with curtain at 5:00pm

Venue:  Osaka International Convention Centre, Grand Cube Main Hall (http://www.gco.co.jp/)

Admission:  11,880 yen (general admission, inclusive of taxes and service charges) ※ not open to children under 3 years of age; children 4 years and older will be charged full admission price ※

Ticket Sales Dates:

Japan Fan Club Members:  Sales open 24 February (Wed.) through 2 March (Wed.) at 11:59pm
Japan Fan Club Members (via mobile):  Sales open 5 March (Sat.) through 9 March (Wed.) at 11:59pm
Pia.co.jp Ticketing:  12 March 2016 (Sat.)
General Public Online Ticketing:  19 March 2016 (Sat.)
General Public Sales:  26 March 2016 (Sat.)

The Osaka International Convention Centre is a different venue from his last fan meeting there in June 2014.  The Centre has played host to other Hallyu stars in the past, along with being the premiere convention centre for the Kansai Region.  The Main Hall where the concert will be held has a capacity of approximately 4,500 seats.

The closest train station to the Centre is the Nakanoshima Keihan Line station (use Exit No. 2 from the platform), with the next closest being the Fukushima JR Loop Line station (a 15-minute walk to the venue).  Several city buses run directly from the JR Osaka train station as well.

This event was just announced today, so stay tuned for more news as it happens!

Credits:  Ji Chang Wook Japan Fan Club; Rubeus Japan; Osaka International Convention Centre

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6 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold concert in Osaka

  1. i’ve never been to a fan meeting/concert and have been wanting to go to one for ages but don’t know sources to find out when my fav kstars have these meetings! i’m from the US but i’ll actually be in Japan during this meeting. would non-japanese citizens actually be able to buy tickets and attend an event like this?

    • I am in the same boat as you. I’m from Canada. I’m not a member of any fan clubs. I really want to go to a Concert in Asia. If I plan my trip to Japan how can I be sure that there will still be tickets (good seats) available by the time the tickets sales are open to the public?
      I would much appreciate some information. Thanks!

      • It is possible to attend as a non-citizen; I’ve attended many of his fan meetings and musical performances in both Japan and Korea. But the local folks always have the first crack at the good seats for these events since they have quicker access being on the ground in those countries. Depending on the event, you have to prove having a Japan home address; for mobile sales, you must have a Japan cell carrier such as Softbank or DoCoMo phone enabled to purchase.

        Unfortunately for this Osaka show, there is no English-speaking website offering tickets (like Interpark Global does in Korea). As it has been the same situation for all of Wook’s Japan events in the past, one must queue up and wait for the general public seats to go on sale after the pre-sales to fan clubs and mobile users all finish.

        But never say never… with this performance in Osaka, their convention centre has English-speaking staffs and they may be able to guide you in purchasing tickets when their box office opens for sales on 26 March. But you would need to be there in person on that date; if you wait and arrive on 17 April expecting tickets, the show may have already sold out by then. Granted, you may not be able to purchase the best seats, but at least you’ll be in the same building with Wook. And isn’t that what this is all about? 🙂

        Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone making the attempt!

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