[Drama] Ji Chang Wook stills and behind-the-scenes in “Mr. Right” [Part 4]

And that’s a wrap!  “Mr. Right” is scheduled to finish filming today (18 February), but a production can never strike the sets without posting the usual “yay we’re done!” photos of the cast and crew.  And boy, did they not disappoint.  Enjoy the most recent batch below the break!

18 February also happened to be Kenny Bee’s birthday, so a cake was brought in for celebration:

Some Valentine’s Day promo posters from the “Mr. Right” team:

Another Lunar New Year poster compliments of the “Mr. Right” production team:

And to top it all off, a “Mr. Right” calendar page for June 2016.  Let’s hope the drama doesn’t take that long to start airing in China!

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Credits:  Wang Xiao Chen Weibo; Zhang Ling Zhi Weibo; Kenny Bee Weibo; Mr. Right Weibo

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  1. Thanks Cherkell!

    So many pics!! Haha.. So glad this drama is finally over. Now JCW can go home and spend some time with is mother. Poor guy was sounding a bit homesick already. Hope JCW can get some good quality R&R!

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