[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to feature in Yi Zhou Femina

Just a mere few hours after Ji Chang Wook left Shanghai upon the end of filming for “Mr. Right” to return home to Korea, Chinese fashion magazine 伊周Femina (Yi Zhou Femina) released previews of its cover and photos for its upcoming February 2016 edition… featuring none other than Ji Chang Wook!

The magazine will go on sale 23 February via local China booksellers.  (We are unsure of any international sales at present, and will update once more news appears.)  For now, enjoy the previews!





Credit: 伊周Femina; Sina.com.cn

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12 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to feature in Yi Zhou Femina

  1. Hi Gabby.. Hi Cherkell.. I have a question which I hope you two will be able to provide some answers..

    When JCW enters the army this year.. Does this mean that we will have absolutely ZERO news of JCW for TWO whole years? This thought has been plaguing me since the new year. Just want to be prepared.. 😐

    • Hi, we are not sure exactly when he will be enlisting, but it is unlikely that there will be zero news about him. Based on what we’ve noticed when other stars enlist, we can expect to see some photos of him in the army, or if he participates in any public service performance, or even when he comes out for a breather on his leave days. It also depends on which division he joins as some are involved in more public activities than others. But as to photoshoots and other commercial activities, unfortunately those will have to be postponed while he is in active military service.

      • Hi Cherkell.. Hi Gabby..

        As always you guys are the best. Thanks for this piece of info. I truly appreciate it. Feel a bit better that at least there will be some news of JCW. Which is better than nothing. Thanks again!

      • I hope that JCW’s Kitchen Gang with the leadership of our chief Chefs Gabby and Cherkell will be able to keep the “spirit” of JCW enduring during his enlistment. After all, we have a common bond…a wonderful, multitalented, handsome, caring artist we all admire…positive note..we have two long years to plan his welcome back party!

  2. Thank you.. Thank you Cherkell! What a great start to my weekend!

    His Imperial Cuteness is as ever..His Imperial Cuteness! Just when I thought JCW can’t make my heart beat any faster.. Glad I’m wrong! 😆

  3. Happy Friday! Thanks for the JCW goodies! The infamous “JCW in white in bed under white bedsheets”♡♡♡♡♡ Love it! They had similar pictures in that BNT photoshoot, which was my favorite! ♡♡♡ After Healer, I love it even more. ♡♡♡♡

  4. Jicwook eyes n lips harmonizes everytime he smiles, and that’s makes him more handsome. Amazingly handsome..Can’t wait to see both of his new movies. He is really Mr Right. Am I not Right?

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