[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold fan sign at Konus Myeongdong


7 March Update:

Glorious Entertainment has expressed their sincere apology for the sudden cancellation of the Konus event on 5 March and for not taking proper care of Ji Chang Wook’s condition. According to Glorious, Ji Chang Wook’s health condition had worsened on that day due to his busy schedules in Korea and overseas. Ji Chang Wook would like to apologise to fans who had waited for him in the bad weather and hopes to recover quickly so that he can meet everyone soon.

5 March Update:
This event has been officially cancelled due to Ji Chang Wook being in ill health. Konus has apologised for the last minute cancellation and will update again if the event is rescheduled. Glorious Entertainment has also apologised for not giving earlier notice about him not being able to attend the event.

Ji Chang Wook will be having a fan sign session in Seoul to mark the store opening of fashion brand Konus in Myeongdong.

Event details are as follows:

Date and time: 5 March 2016 (Saturday), 11am-12pm
Venue: Konus store at the 7th floor of Lotte Department Store Main Branch in Myeongdong

*Note: There are many Lotte Department Stores in South Korea. The address of the main branch is 81, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul. The mall is directly connected to Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station on Seoul subway line 2.

Numbered tickets for the fan sign will be given out to the first 100 customers on a first-come-first-serve basis at two separate locations.

The first batch of tickets will be given out from 26 till 29 February to customers who make a purchase of more than 33,000 won at the Konus store at Lotte Young Plaza Myeongdong (Note that this is a different Konus branch. Lotte Young Plaza is situated next to Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong). A total of 40 tickets will be given out, with a maximum of 10 tickets per day.

The Konus store at Lotte Department Store Main Branch will open on 4 March, where the remaining 60 tickets will be given out to customers who make a purchase of more than 33,000 won at this store.

On the day of the fan sign, your position in the queue will depend on your time of arrival at the venue. The number on your ticket has no effect on this.

Source: konusbrand_asia Instagram

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  1. Still no news of JCW!? Really miss him. On second thoughts, it is better for him to rest well and have a complete recovery. Praying for him………..

  2. Heavy traveling can really take a toll on a person’s health…mental stress too. I hope and pray he learns or can “hang out” more…enjoy the “fruits” of his hard work and his family and friends. Take care of yourself and get well soon!

  3. Am very sad and worried upon hearing of his sickness. I hope is just fever and flu stuff. Get well soon JCW! You are working very hard lately so please take good care of your health. Wealth is essential but health is important. Will support you all the way. 😘

  4. is he okay yet?
    still no news about him.. hope he is getting better.
    Miss seeing him in kdrama.

  5. JCW in ill health? Oh no! I do hope it’s nothing serious! Probably fatigue. Please do take care of your health JCW. You’ve been running non-stop since like forever! Sending you lots of get well wishes!

    • Thanks JCWKitchen for updating us on JCW’s condition via Twitter.

      I’m not surprised JCW finally ran out of gas..the way he has been traveling and working. We’ve all voiced our concern one time or another. Just hope that JCW will bounce back soon. Sending some more get well wishes your way JCW!

  6. One of my fav picture of JCW…looks so much like James Dean. Good luck on the fan signing…not so easy to be in line…treasure it. Thank you Gabby for all the up-to-date news!

  7. Thanks as always Gabby.

    Somehow it’s so nice to hear of JCW attending events like fan signing again. Miss seeing him in Korea. Lucky Korean fans. Good luck to you guys! Can’t wait for the pics!

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