[Event] Ji Chang Wook attends launch event of Gentle Monster eyewear


It’s been a while since Ji Chang Wook made his appearance at a fashion event. Now back in Seoul, Ji Chang Wook met the press this afternoon at “The Butcher” Gentle Monster 2016 Presentation Show.

Held at a factory owned by Daesun Flour Mills situated in the Yeongdeungpo district of Seoul, the event was organised by Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster to mark the launch of their 2016 collection that is “based on the motif of ‘The Butcher'” and “reimagined as Metallic Red”.

Besides Ji Chang Wook, the event was also attended by actresses Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Da Hae and Lee Yeon Hee, and actors Ji Sung and Joo Ji Hoon.

Enjoy these pictures of him taken at the event by the press:

And some videos from the press:

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3 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook attends launch event of Gentle Monster eyewear

  1. Thank you very much JCWK!
    Great job, as always 😉

    I’m so happy he’s back in Korea. He looks amazing, love his hair color, his style…JCW he’s just perfect and ridiculously handsome. Love him. :* 😀

  2. JCW has such a presence and fashion style that makes him look elegant but casual…highlighting all his purr-fect features. Really wanted to see his facial features…but just so happy he’s back home with his family.

  3. Thank you JCWKitchen!

    Missed seeing JCW at such events. So happy he’s back in Korea. And sooo many pics of this beautiful man! Thank you!

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