[Magazine] Preview of Ji Chang Wook in Chic Elegance

Chinese fashion magazine “Chic! Elegance” (or 小资风尚/Xiao Zi Feng Shang in Mandarin) released more teaser goodies of Ji Chang Wook, who will be on the cover of their March issue as announced previously.

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A video was also released, albeit in low quality, showing Ji Chang Wook behind-the-scenes during the photo shoot. Also included is a short interview with him about fashion. Enjoy!

Click on CC for English subs.

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3 March update: B cuts from Glorious Entertainment

4 March update: Even more B cuts from Glorious Entertainment




Source: 小资风尚 Weibo; Glorious Entertainment

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4 thoughts on “[Magazine] Preview of Ji Chang Wook in Chic Elegance

  1. Thank you so much Gabby! You and Cherkell are the best! In the last 2-3 days..the number of photos coming out from JCWKitchen is so “soothing” to my soul! 😆

    I don’t think there need be any words to describe how cute.. beautiful.. mischievous.. handsome.. dashing.. sexy.. soulful..etc.. JCW is! 💕

  2. Hi Gabby! Thanks for the update. JCW is as usual very charming indeed. Btw, would these Chinese magazines he’s currently featured on will be available in Singapore?

    • I’ve not seen these magazines being sold in Singapore before, and seeing that they don’t offer overseas purchase, I don’t think they will be officially sold here. 😦

      • Thanks Gabby for the response 🙂 . I asked a friend to buy I-Weekly magazine but she can’t find one as well 😦 .. oh well

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