[Magazine] Preview of Ji Chang Wook in Chic Elegance

Chinese fashion magazine “Chic! Elegance” (or 小资风尚/Xiao Zi Feng Shang in Mandarin) released more teaser goodies of Ji Chang Wook, who will be on the cover of their March issue as announced previously.

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A video was also released, albeit in low quality, showing Ji Chang Wook behind-the-scenes during the photo shoot. Also included is a short interview with him about fashion. Enjoy!

Click on CC for English subs.

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3 March update: B cuts from Glorious Entertainment

4 March update: Even more B cuts from Glorious Entertainment




Source: 小资风尚 Weibo; Glorious Entertainment

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4 thoughts on “[Magazine] Preview of Ji Chang Wook in Chic Elegance

  1. Hi Gabby! Thanks for the update. JCW is as usual very charming indeed. Btw, would these Chinese magazines he’s currently featured on will be available in Singapore?

    • I’ve not seen these magazines being sold in Singapore before, and seeing that they don’t offer overseas purchase, I don’t think they will be officially sold here. 😦

      • Thanks Gabby for the response 🙂 . I asked a friend to buy I-Weekly magazine but she can’t find one as well 😦 .. oh well

  2. Thank you so much Gabby! You and Cherkell are the best! In the last 2-3 days..the number of photos coming out from JCWKitchen is so “soothing” to my soul! 😆

    I don’t think there need be any words to describe how cute.. beautiful.. mischievous.. handsome.. dashing.. sexy.. soulful..etc.. JCW is! 💕

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