[Instagram/Weibo Update] 27 February 2016




얼마전 찍었던 중국 “chic” “femina” B cut
중국까지 와준 도원 포토실장님 감사해용💕💕 #kimdowon#wonderboystudio

China “chic” “femina” B cuts that were taken not long ago.
Thank you photo director Kim Do Won who came all the way to China💕💕

Zhende hao jiu bu jian!![爱你][爱你]
Nimen hao ma??
Wo xiang nimenle[泪][泪]
Bujiuqian pai de chic zazhi B cut!!!
Bujiuqian pai chic, femina zazhi B cut[嘻嘻][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心]

Really long time no see!![爱你][爱你]
How are all of you doing??
I’m missing all of you [泪][泪]
The Chic magazine B cut that was taken not long ago!!!
The Chic, femina magazine B cuts that were taken not long ago[嘻嘻][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心][心]

*Note: He edited his posts because he mistakenly wrote that the pictures are from the Chic Elegance magazine only.

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  1. Hi Gabby..thank ever so much for keeping us happy with all these pics of JCW.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but these pics seem to be for the magazine Yi Zhou. I recognize the Loewe sweater (pic #1) and the checkered jacket (pic #2) and of course the white t-shirt white bedsheets white duvet white pillow shot (pic #4)! Only pic #3 seems to be for the China chic mag. Am I wrong? 🤔

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