[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook to star in sequel to “The Whirlwind Girl”

Several news reports are flying left-and-right today stating that Ji Chang Wook has accepted the lead role in upcoming Chinese drama “The Whirlwind Girl – Season 2” (Xuan Feng Shao Nu – Di Er Ji / 旋风少女第二季), a planned sequel to the popular “The Whirlwind Girl” that aired on China’s Hunan TV in the summer of 2015.

If you’re not familiar with the original ‘Whirlwind Girl,’ here’s a quick synopsis:  A world champion Yuan Wu Dao master (the sport is an entirely made-up name, but follows along the lines of taekwondo) is accused of doping and gets stripped of his title.  His adopted daughter and star pupil Qi Bai Cao (played in the original by Hu Bing Qing) takes up his teachings and fights her way to the top in order to reclaim her teacher’s honour.  A trio of extremely handsome boys help Bai Cao along the way as she competes, finds love and fights for her dreams, including:  Ruo Bai (played in the original by Yang Yang), the best student at Bai Cao’s dojo; Fang Ting Hao (played in the original by Chen Xiang), a star in the Yuan Wu Dao world, but a total playboy in real life; and Yu Chu Yuan (played in the original by Bai Jing Ting), another naturally talented martial artist who dropped out of the sports world for unknown reasons and reappeared as a medical student.  Of course, all three guys are in love with Bai Cao, so it’s up to this plucky girl to figure out which of those three hotties will be her partner for life.

This sequel picks up where the original left off due to its somewhat open ending, with an all-new cast but keeping to the same premise as its predecessor.  28 episodes are scheduled; filming begins 20 March 2016 and will alternate between Shanghai and Changsha for approximately three months, with a summer 2016 broadcast tentatively scheduled on Hunan TV.  Author of the original novels Ming Xiao Xi is reportedly involved with this new production as well.

As expected, there is no confirmation or any word whatsoever from Glorious Entertainment about Wook’s new casting, let alone what role he would be portraying in this new production.  Take news like this with a grain of salt, and we will update this post when more news becomes available.

Source:  Sina.com.cn; StarNews.co.kr

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16 thoughts on “[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook to star in sequel to “The Whirlwind Girl”

  1. whether its kdrama or Chinese drama respect his decision… thanks 4 the post. ooh…his cute face gonna kill m 1day:-)

  2. PS It’s been a few days after the posting but no confirmation from his agency. The Whirlwind Girl story sounds interesting and depending on the sequel story, JCW’s talents matches well. My question, why can’t the Korean entertainment industry offer him movies that he can’t resist? He’s proven himself many times over. I do not mind the Cdramas if the voice dubbing issue could be resolved.

    • His agency has not released any article to refute the news either, so it is likely the news is true. Reactions from fans towards this news has been generally negative. Even the Chinese fans want him to go back to Korea. I’m also of the same mind as them as I feel that what he needs most now before enlistment is a Korean drama since it has been a year since Healer aired on TV. I’m not sure to what extent does he have freedom in choosing his projects though…Also since he is now bound by contract to a Chinese agency, I’m not sure if he is obligated to do a certain number of Chinese projects a year according to the contract. I’m just speaking based on assumption of course.

      • I share your sentiments Gabby. And I’d forgotten that he’s contractually bound to a Chinese agency now as well. Looks like the only movie we have to look forward to now is “Fabricated City”! Any idea how that is coming along?

        But..still praying that JCW will manage to squeeze in a short KDrama. Somehow! Even if it’s just 10 episodes! 😆

  3. Ditto,ditto,ditto…my heart skipped a beat when I read the news! Wanted JCW to do a drama that matches his talent BUT most of all, I wanted to hear his voice…that extraordinary voice with no dubbing. However, I do trust his professional judgment…he has reasons for his decisions…this is evidently very clear in all his interviews. Follow your heart…will be forever a loyal fan.

  4. Although I prefer a korean drama comeback for ji chang wook, if this project is a good one – then whether it is chinese or korean – does not matter to me.

  5. Personally, I was wishing he’d do another Korean drama. But I respect whatever decision he makes. I don’t think he’s the type who would take up projects for money – he must have considered his various options carefully before making this decision. However, let’s wait for confirmation before we start truly lamenting…lol

  6. Probably they offer him a lot of money and that might make him consider about it. Hmm…I think he missed home, family, friends in Korea a lot while filming for “Mr Right”. Anyway, if he accepts it, I still respect his decision. Of course I prefer him to take on a Korean drama.

  7. Not liking it, but if he’s considering it then maybe its good enough to lure him back. Another Chinese drama though, when he just finished filming Mr Right, is just too much I think. I’m still hoping that he’s going to join in a Korean production, as he mentioned in his Singapore fan meet.

    Thank you for the update.

  8. Oh my, another Chinese drama.. Why he must take a Chinese drama again?
    I want to see him in Korean production pretty please before he’s off to army.

  9. Cherkell..nooooo!!

    Not another Chinese drama! We’ve been waiting for JCW to do another KDrama before the Korean government makes him their property. For 2 years! Another Chinese drama means his voice will be dubbed again! And a dubbed voice will never be able to emote JCW the way JCW can emote in his dramas. I’ve been rewatching all his old dramas and miss his speaking voice very much. Heck..I just miss JCW! Was so happy that he finished “Mr Right” and can star in a KDrama now but.. This news is very upsetting and I’m praying these are just rumors and nothing else. I’m sooooo upset..😢😢

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