[Musical] Ji Chang Wook to join the third reboot of “The Days”

Moo-young returns!!!  Ji Chang Wook has just confirmed his participation in the third reboot of Musical “The Days,” which will premiere on 27 August 2016 and run until 6 November 2016 at the Chungmu Art Hall Theatre in Seoul.


The production company is currently in the process of auditions for this new batch of performances, but fellow lead Yoo Jun Sang (“Jeong-hak”) has also confirmed his participation as well.   Also returning for this production will be Director Jang Yu Jeong, Music Director Jang So Young, and Choreographer Shin Seon Ho.

More information about other casting news should follow soon, so we’ll update this post when available.  Stay tuned!

Source:  10Asia.com


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12 thoughts on “[Musical] Ji Chang Wook to join the third reboot of “The Days”

  1. Hello Cherkell, is there any update on JCW’s musical? I am planning to travel to South Korea to watch his performance. 🙂

    • You and me both! Only news so far is that open auditions have ended and there should be a final cast announcement any time now. The finale date has also been changed from 6 November to 3 November, with press preview performances held on 25 & 26 August. Hopefully we’ll have ticketing news soon too!

      • Yay! Thanks so much for your reply. I will stay tune to your page 😊 thanks so much for your updates. Happy to know people who share the same love with me for Wookie oppa 😊

  2. Well…I’m kinda happy about it. It’s good that he is still around till the end of this year. It would be better if he has a Korean drama project.

  3. Wow! Great news for Korean fans! Thanks Cherkell.

    But..but..isn’t JCW “lodging” with the Korean government before his birthday? I presume so cause he would turn 30 then. If JCW’s confirmed joining the cast then that would mean he’ll still be around till November 2016? Yes?? 🤔

    • As long as you can prove that you have acting, singing or other commitments (and are not idle for at least 4 months), the Korean government issues “waivers during professional activities” to service-age male entertainers. But he cannot hold off much longer past his 30th (Korean) birthday, so it’s my personal opinion that his enlistment may possibly happen shortly after the “Days” finale on 6 November.

      • This is GOOD news Cherkell. At least we’ll have JCW around for another 8 months! Gees..this is like getting a jab..the needle just gets closer and closer..! 💉 😆

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