[Drama/Video] Ji Chang Wook “Healer” interview with Kstyle


Japanese entertainment magazine “Kstyle” did a short video interview with Ji Chang Wook when he dropped by Japan on 28 February to promote the “Healer” DVD. 

In the video, he said he has had a continuously busy schedule in the past months filming the movie “Fabricated City” and the drama “Mr Right” in China. He also said he will be holding a fan meeting in Osaka soon and has made many preparations for the event. As to whether he has a particular role he wants to try, he said he wants to try something he hasn’t done before, or a role that allows him to present something in a new or interesting way. He then ends off with an introduction of the drama “Healer”.

We won’t be subbing the video due to strict copyright restrictions on sharing Japanese content.

Source: Kstyle

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  1. Thanks for this post Gabby. I just love listening to his voice.

    I’m surprised there’s been no update on his illness though. Just want to know that JCW’s back on his feet and hitting that gym!

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