[CF] Ji Chang Wook returns for Lonsdale’s Spring/Summer Lookbook


Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?  Reminding us that warmer weather is hopefully around the corner, Lonsdale’s Spring & Summer Lookbook featuring Ji Chang Wook was released upon the general public today.  Courtesy of Lonsdale CEO Li Guocheng’s Weibo page, we are provided with a few proof photos for our viewing enjoyment.  So enjoy!

Credit:  Lonsdale CEO Weibo

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6 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook returns for Lonsdale’s Spring/Summer Lookbook

  1. Ya know,the majority of Korean actors have great abs and biceps, but I always notice Wookie has great legs!

  2. JCW has got the “fittest” body and the best looking legs…he looks absolutely great! I’ve missed him these past few weeks. He represents the Lonsdale line very well.

  3. Ahhhh.. Thank you.. Thank you Cherkell.

    I have been comparing his pictures from a year ago and I don’t know how..but he has gotten even better looking!! How is that even possible?? Whatever..I’m just happy!! 🙂

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