[Instagram/Weibo Update] 27 March 2016



봄이 왔다. 봄봄봄!!! 중국 장사에서의 마지막날.

내일은 일본으로!!!! #봄 #장사 #일본 #도쿄

Spring has come. Spring spring spring!!! Last day in Changsha China. Onward to Japan tomorrow!!!! #spring #Changsha #Japan #Tokyo 





jintian tianqi feichang feichang hao![嘻嘻]
jintian shi zai changsha paide zuihou yitian[爱你]
mingtian wo qu riben[飞机]


The weather is really really good today! [嘻嘻]
Today is the last day of filming in Changsha[爱你]
I’m going to Japan tomorrow. [飞机]

*Note: He is going to Japan to continue filming “Whirlwind Girl 2”.

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3 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 27 March 2016

  1. sure would like to see the end result of that carving! why is he so handsome? i sure wish to see him again in a project i can actually watch!

  2. Thanks for the update Gabby.

    JCW knows wood carving as well? For real? He looks so serious! If this is for real..all I can say is.. Wow..is there no end to this man’s talents??

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