[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook poses for Dunhill in Asian magazines

Ji Chang Wook is appearing in not one, but three different magazines in Asia for Alfred Dunhill this month.

It seems like Ji Chang Wook had a photoshoot for a Dunhill pictorial when he visited London last year, and the pictures are only being released now as a sort of promotional blitz. He’s on the cover of the latest issues of Singapore’s luxury men fashion magazine “Men’s Folio”, and Hong Kong’s “Mode” magazine (Mode is one of four inserts found in the magazine called e週刊/eWeekly). He’s also being featured in the latest issue of “Da Man” in Indonesia, but not on the cover.

Cover of Men’s Folio April issue:

Cover of Da Man April-May issue:

Promotional video from Hong Kong’s E-Weekly:



The pictures in all three magazines are similar as they are from the same Dunhill pictorial.

Fans in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia can head to bookstores to look for the respective magazines (At the time of writing, the April issue of Men’s Folio hasn’t been released for sale yet.).

Digital copies of Men’s Folio and Da Man can also be purchased online at Magzter.

11 April update:
You can read the English interview in Da Man here.

Credit: Mrfreewill, eweekly, Da Man

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  1. Hi there
    Thanks for the update as always.
    Would you recommend a particular bookstore/s in Singapore? I am asking a friend to buy for me. Cheers to you both.

    • I’m not in Singapore at the moment so I can’t give a definite answer. Can try checking out kinokuniya…

  2. JCW is the ultimate model for clothing. He looks devastingly handsome in ALL kinds of fashions…he makes the clothing come alive with his body language and swagger! Hairstyles…he looks great in all styles. I personally think he is the best actor model!

  3. Thanks for this info Gabby.

    So happy to see JCW’s star soaring even higher. He truly deserves all this accolade. He has been working so hard! And those pics..ahhh.. Words like “dashing”.. “debonair”.. “handsome”.. just don’t cut it. Have to find a brand new word for our JCW! 😆

    PS. Have a great holiday Gabby and Cherkell.

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