[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends “Whirlwind Girl 2” press conference

Ji Chang Wook met the press at the filming of the Chinese drama “Whirlwind Girl 2” on 15 April in Shanghai, China. Together with him were the rest of the Chinese cast members including the lead actress An Yue Xi. 

Ji Chang Wook plays Taekwondo instructor Chang An (长安), a new character created by the writer of “Whirlwind Girl” for the second season.

On this day, the press got to see the cast film and also interviewed them at a group press conference, during which Ji Chang Wook showed off his Mandarin prowess (and his love for food) by saying “time to eat” in Mandarin and adding that he loves to eat hot pot.  He was also seen throwing balls with his manager and best friend Bang Chi Gu behind-the-scenes, to which the reporters asked if he does that to exercise. He said he usually plays soccer, but he doesn’t have time for soccer when in China, so he throws balls during breaks in between filming and trains in the gym. When asked how many packs of abs he has right now, he claimed that he doesn’t have any.


Ji Chang Wook also gave an individual interview which was broadcast live online on ifensi.

Click on CC for English subs.

“Whirlwind Girl 2” is jointly produced by Mango TV (芒果影视) and Grand Media (观达影视), and is expected to air on Hunan TV this summer.


Credit: ifensi, Whirlwind Girl weibo, SinaTV weibo

7 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends “Whirlwind Girl 2” press conference

  1. i agree with the other comments! he is dashing in that uniform and has the mannerisms to match. he is always so upbeat and cheerful and yes, scrub off all that makeup and let his natural beauty shine! i am happy he is expanding into china but man oh man its gonna be a looooonnnnnng time before we can see them with subs. i love his voice so dubbing has always been really a downer for me. i am grateful for any news of him and thank you much for this news and photos!!!

    • Agree with koreamom regarding the toning
      Down of his make up. His natural features
      Should be shown just like in healer and empress ki dramas.he will look mote manly
      With less make up,especially the lipstick that
      Needs to be lighter than darker.

      • The heavy makeup is a result of the cast being pulled off the filming site and rushed straight to the press conference. I have read that there was no notice to any of the actors in advance of this event, so that is why Wook is overly made-up in all the press photos.

      • it’s just that his makeup looks heavier than the others – maybe too much contrast with his very red lips?

  2. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date JCWKitchen.

    Have been waiting for news of JCW in his new drama for a while so this piece of news was most timely.

    Would JCWKitchen know the release dates for JCW’s movie and his other Cdrama? Seems like forever. Sigh.. I was rewatching Healer and I really miss this guy in action. I think JCW’ll do great in his new drama. Just the dubbing part still upsets me! Whoever has the job of doing the voice over for JCW has really big shoes to fill! ☹️

  3. Really missed updates on him. Finally, more info on Whirlwind Girl 2 and his role. His interview explained his rationale for the drama role…wanted to try a youth drama…I understand now. The cast looks so young next to Mr. Sophisticate. I wish they would tone down his makeup and let his outstanding features shine. I also hope he is happy and making friends like he normally does…being goofy, playful and mischievous. It doesn’t show in these photos but maybe later.

  4. It’s good that the writer created a new character for him. I don’t want anyone compare him to Yang Yang for the same role. I heard that the writer said JCW’s character will have some similarities with Seo Jung Hoo in Healer. The drama will be aired during summer. I’m so excited for it. He looks gorgeous in the martial art uniform.

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