[Event] Glorious photos from Ji Chang Wook’s Osaka concert


Glorious Entertainment has graciously shared a few photos taken during the “Ji Chang Wook 樂ruck CONCERT” held on 17 April in Osaka, Japan.  Take a look here!


As I am travelling for another week in Korea at the moment, my in-person recap of Wook’s concert will be delayed somewhat.  We appreciate your patience until then!  🙂

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

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7 thoughts on “[Event] Glorious photos from Ji Chang Wook’s Osaka concert

  1. Thanks Cherkell. Can’t wait to read your personal experience!

    Was that JCW trying to dance in that last photo? If that is so…OMG! What I wouldn’t give to see that!! 😆 He looks so relaxed in that pic!

  2. But I don’t have patience…..Just kidding.
    Have a great time travelling and thank you for the updates.
    JCW looks beautiful and happy and I love the sweater.

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