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3 thoughts on “[Weibo Update] 28 April 2016

  1. It’s good to see his face…it’s been a while. His face looks like he has lost weight…oh no! His bone structure is too prominent. Is he overworking himself? Is it his character role? Does anyone else see this change? Please take care of yourself.

    • @Chiyomi..totally agree with you. JCW seems to lose weight pretty easily when he’s working on a drama. So it’s a good thing he eats like a horse! But I think the lighting in the first picture also made his face look rather gaunt. But that cheeky face’s still there. And he managed a wink?! 😆

    • Yes, to me, it looks like he’s lost a lot of weight. He needs his mama’s home cooking. I hope he is eating regular meals in china.

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