[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook goes deja vu for Mr Style Hong Kong


Yeah, we’re scratching our heads over this one too.  Mr Style magazine (an imprint of MRRM Media) has just released their Spring/Summer 2016 issue featuring ‘Modern Gentleman’ Ji Chang Wook on its cover… in the same Alfred Dunhill togs he was sporting for the Men’s Folio and DaMan photoshoots published just a few weeks ago?  Go figure.

I swear… there had better be a halfway decent interview in this issue, or I’m going to flip some tables.  *grrrr*

Mr Style is a quarterly magazine styled “to provide fashion information and exquisite visual show trends for the most powerful men.”  The Spring/Summer 2016 issue is currently on sale at all Hong Kong 7-Eleven convenience stores and local newsstands.

Credit:  MRRM Magazine Facebook


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3 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook goes deja vu for Mr Style Hong Kong

  1. LOLI don’t get it. Is it a bad thing or a good thing? For me, anything Ji Chang Wook is good news. 🙂

  2. Haha.. Cherkell.. Can’t wait to see you flip the tables!

    Ya..agree with you.,sure hope there will be an interesting interview in there..

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