[Drama] Ji Chang Wook candid photos from “Whirlwind Girl 2” set

Glorious Entertainment has released more behind-the-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook on the filming site for “Whirlwind Girl 2.”

These shots were taken on the grounds of the Tokai-ji Temple in Kashiwa City (Chiba Prefecture) when the production went on location in Japan back in March 2016.  Enjoy a small slice of life on the set with Wook!  😀

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

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7 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook candid photos from “Whirlwind Girl 2” set

  1. Actually, I am concerned about him being in this drama because it’s a sequel and the original cast was well-loved. I hope the writer wrote a damn good script because this cast/drama will be subject to comparisons to the original.

    • @crystal..I share your concern. But someone else mentioned that JCW’s character in “Whirlwind Girl 2” is a new one. Perhaps specially written for him?

      I’ve been worried about JCW stepping into the Chinese drama scene from day 1. Just hope that it will prove to be a good move.

  2. Me too. It feels like it’s taking so long for his projects to be released to the public.

  3. Is there any word of when JCW’s new movie and drama will be released/broadcast? I watch “Healer”, “Empress Ki”, etc. over and over as I wait….

    • Although there is much speculation on the Interwebs that sometime this summer we will see all of Wook’s ongoing projects premiere, official release dates on all of these have yet to be confirmed. (“Mr. Right” still has yet to find a broadcast network.) That’s all we know at present.

      • I thought it works the other way around, I didn’t think they film first and then look for a network. I do hope they find one soon.

  4. Thanks for these photos Cherkell.

    JCW looks so cute when he’s being serious! Like a youngster playing grownup! I hope JCW had a great time in Japan (food wise) and that this drama will catapult his career even further. 💪

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