[Instagram Update] 10 May 2016


#꼬마 #바람이 #carnaby #개판 #멍멍이 #친구

#kkoma #paramee #carnaby #dog pound #doggie #friend

*Note: Kkoma, which means “kiddo”, is the name of his dog on the left, while paramee, which can mean “wind” or “hope”, is the name of his friend’s dog on the right. Carnaby is the name of his friend’s restaurant.

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5 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 10 May 2016

  1. Wow Kkoma is so cute and adorable with his outfit,, and the friend dog also 😉 thanks for posting it… Ji Chang Wook Kitchen 🙂

  2. These doggie photos are getting my curiosity into high gear. Did JCW adopt Carnaby for Ggnoma so she would have a friend? Carnaby looks like she/he would make a good soccer buddy! I wonder who care for these friends when he is abroad. I also think Ggnoma’s outfit is SOOO cute!!!

    • Carnaby (Street) is the name of the restaurant in Seongdong-gu where these photos were taken. The Bedlington Terrier’s name is Kkoma. The Golden Retriever is Wook’s buddy ysvespa’s dog (her name escapes me at this moment).

  3. OMG! I’m so falling in love with this guy. 😂 Help! Does anyone have an antidote to this wookie-fever?! 💉 I need it! 😩

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