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4 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 13 May 2016

  1. He’s handsome but the stylist over-did the makeup again. I wonder if she’s color blind because the painted his face white and red. It’s sad to see that she prefers her men heavily made up – which goes against the coach character he’s playing

  2. hello! too, gabby, thank you, for reminding me..it’s been so busy this past days, but still I was able to watched ” The Healer”of my fav. Ji Chang Wook..It was fun to watch, coz, its a beautiful action movie, were JCW, really excel in action, and of course he’s always handsome as ever.. I’m waiting for Mr. right and Fabricated City..more power..

  3. The problem with JCW’s instagrams is that one (that’s me!) tends to look just at him and nothing else! Took me a while to spot that black horse! 😆

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