[Instagram/Weibo Update] 27 May 2016


북경에서 우리팀!!!! 고생했어요 짝짝짝 👍👍

Our team in Beijing!!!! You did a great job  clap clap clap 👍👍


jintian jiandao dajia hen kaixin

xiaci zaijian [爱你][爱你]  bye bye[心][飞机][飞机]

I was happy to meet everyone today

see you next time [爱你][爱你] bye bye[心][飞机][飞机]

Note:  Ji Chang Wook travelled to Beijing for the China launch of the Gentle Monster Eyewear line.


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  1. I really admire JCW’s value of friendship. His staff and friends care for him each and every day and he likewise reciprocates this endearing quality. One does not see this with other “stars” (I may be wrong). I now understand his statement of “I am an ordinary person”. It may be easy to make friends but it is hard work keeping it enduring. His life values, morals, work ethics and caring personality makes JCW such an outstanding individual…his mom did an outstanding job bringing him up!!!

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