[Photo] Ji Chang Wook behind-scenes photos for “Be With You”

Glorious Entertainment recently shared a few B-cuts of Ji Chang Wook’s liner notes photoshoot for his Chinese mini-album “Be With You,” which was released in December 2015.  Kkoma (a Bedlington Terrier) was barely two months old when these photos were taken.  I can’t decide which puppy is cuter! 💕💕💕


Compared to this photo taken in early May 2016, look at how much she’s grown since then!

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

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  1. Din realize she’s only 2 months old then! But she has put on (weight) since then. She is as fair & photogenic as her Master. Since JCW proudly presented his precious, I went to google and learnt more of her breed. Amazing & adorable baby!

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