[Musical] Ji Chang Wook in “See The Days” episode 11


Over the past weeks, Insight Entertainment had been releasing an online talk show series called “See The Days” in the lead up to the opening day of the latest reboot of “The Days”. Ji Chang Wook finally appears in the last episode of the series that was released today! 

The title of the series “See The Days”, pronounced as shi-keu-nal-deul in Korean, is actually a play on the Korean title of the popular TVN drama “Signal”, or shi-keu-nul in Korean, though both shows are not related in any way. It is hosted by actress Song Sang Eun and actor Jung Soon Won, both who are also starring in the musical itself. In this final episode of the series, they take us behind-the-scenes to the practice room where we see Ji Chang Wook and the other actors practising their lines at the script reading.

You can watch the full episode here for those interested.

Source: Insight Entertainment



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5 thoughts on “[Musical] Ji Chang Wook in “See The Days” episode 11

  1. Is the plot synopsis for “The Days” available anywhere online (spoilers and ending included)? If not, would somebody be willing to recap the story for us poor international fans (pretty please!)? I understand if photos and videos are not allowed, but I’d really love to just know the story. The premise sounds so intriguing!

    Also, I’m a new fan, so I apologize for my ignorance, but are there any DVDs for any of the musicals JCW has been in anywhere? I really want to see his Jack the Ripper performance as well!

    Thanks for your help~!

    • As far as we know, there is no synopsis nor libretto available online for “The Days.” Musical performance copyrights are extremely stringent in Korea, so there are also no DVDs containing any of Ji Chang Wook’s appearances available for sale or rental either.

      As for a recap of “The Days,” we may post one after the musical has permanently ended its run. It would not be fair to people who have yet to attend the performances during this year’s reboot by posting a recap that spoils the plot and gives away the ending. We’ll keep an eye on what the production company decides after this run ends on 3 November.

  2. Thank you Gabby for this post.

    I don’t know why..but I’m always so happy when JCW’s back in Korea! Just watching him talking in this short interview gives me much satisfaction! I guess it shows how much I miss him in the Kdramaland!

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