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8 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 6 July 2016

  1. happy happy birthday, JCW! But Wookie was born in 1987, right? so he should only be 29?
    –Marilou, Philippines

  2. Oh wait! I just read what EOS is! But that’s not very flattering if that’s how the EOS lip balm looks. Maybe he didn’t realize he still had the smudge from the She-Devil that kissed him?

  3. Who’s been kissing Wookie? Is that a spot of lipstick on his lip? So lucky. I’m so very jealous!

  4. I wonder if this bouquet from EOS is an indication of a new product endorsement for Wookie. I hope it is. That would be an awesome birthday present for him and a present to the fans, specially fans like me who is already a fan of the product.

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