[Drama] More Ji Chang Wook teasers for “Whirlwind Girl 2”

As you may expect, there is going to be a humongous promotional push leading up to the 20 July premiere of “Whirlwind Girl 2,” as evidenced by two more teaser videos posted by Mango TV today.  The jury’s still out on their choice of dubbing voice for Ji Chang Wook’s dialogue, although it looks like we may be able to hear him actually speak a few words in Chinese in some of these episodes.  I guess we’ll find out more soon!

The official Press Conference for “Whirlwind Girl 2” will be streamed live via the iFensi mobile application on 14 July at 1:00pm CST.  (The app for both iOS and Android platforms can be downloaded through iFensi.com; use the QR Code Reader on the right-hand side of the site to assist with your download.)

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Source:  Mango Entertainment Weibo; iFensi.com

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4 thoughts on “[Drama] More Ji Chang Wook teasers for “Whirlwind Girl 2”

  1. I was imagining the worst, because I’ve seen part of a dubbed drama, and the young actor sounded really old. So I was actually relieved when I heard the dubbed voice, because it sounds age appropriate. Of course, no one’s voice can compare to Wookie’s signature “honey voice,” but whoever is dubbing him seems alright, from what I can tell.

  2. I can tolerate it…at least the voice pitch is manly like our JCW. I’ll be too busy watching JCW’s facial and action skills while trying to keep up with the subtitles. I want to support JCW and give him my unconditional fan love regardless of the situation. He gives his ALL so I want to do the same. Going to wait for the subtitled version but looking forward to the “streamers” forums. Makeup is a bit intense but oh well.

    • @Chiyomi..you’re right! As his fan we should give JCW our unwavering support. JCW worked so hard on this drama. Done! No longer torn. Now I’ve to figure out a way to watch this! 👍

  3. Thanks for this update Cherkell.

    I don’t know how the others feel but I really didn’t like JCW’s dubbed voice in the trailer. Even though they have not decided on the final dubbing voice..I’m not holding my breath. Now I’m torn..to watch or not to watch! Sigh.. ☹️

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