[Drama] Ji Chang Wook heads to China for “Whirlwind Girl 2”


And he’s off again!  As evidenced by his social media posts earlier this afternoon, Ji Chang Wook is on his way to Beijing to attend the official press conference for “Whirlwind Girl 2.”  The press conference will be held tomorrow (14 July) at 1pm CST.  And it would not be a proper trip for him without the obligatory airport departure photos, so we have them below!

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5 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook heads to China for “Whirlwind Girl 2”

  1. He looks awesome here. Less is really more with wookie. Stylists do too much and end up covering his natural good looks. But when there’s less stuff on his face and his hair is just simply combed out, he really looks great.

    Honestly, less than a handful of dramas are stellar each year. Hopefully someone presents to him a really great script and has thought out the ending, so he can read it over and make a good decision.

  2. I agree with CSL…JCW looks relaxed to the max. Hope the drama is a success! Thank you Cherkell for the updates and photos. Want to enjoy everything JCW while it is possible.

  3. Thank you for these loverly photos Cherkell!

    JCW looks absolutely relaxed to the max! Haha.. First time I’ve ever seen him wear sandals for a flight. He did mention before that he dresses for comfort. But he looks so wonderfully gorgeous as always. Sigh..

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