[Drama] Even even more Ji Chang Wook teasers for “Whirlwind Girl 2”

And it’s down to the wire with the “Whirlwind Girl 2” promotions, with Ji Chang Wook being prominently featured in the bulk of them.  As of this writing, there’s only a few minutes to go before the premiere, so hurry up and take a look! 🙂

And the opening sequence for “Whirlwind Girl 2” is here:


Credits:  Whirlwind Girl 2 Weibo, mgtv.com

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5 thoughts on “[Drama] Even even more Ji Chang Wook teasers for “Whirlwind Girl 2”

  1. I finally got to watch the “Chang An” video clip..it wasn’t working initially . The ending was unexpected and funny! Haha..

    Thanks Cherkell.

  2. I too was very impressed with the slam bang action in the opening scene. I wonder if JCW had a stunt double…he was fantastic! His dubbed voice was appropriate and was not distracting. He and his co-star are very attractive together…she is a cutie. This drama is very easy to follow without the subtitles. Can’t wait for more!

  3. I just watched the pilot episode as well! What an entrance! A car chase and then single handedly beating up a bunch of no-gooders! Yes!! Love you JCW! Perfect! Simply perfect!!

    PS. Can’t understand much of what’s going on but it’s JCW! Who needs words!!

  4. Yay!!! Saw the pilot episode and it’s AWESOME! WOOKIE didn’t fail us as always. He’s in total character! He’s amazing as Chang An!

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