[Drama] Ji Chang Wook confirms K2 as his next Korean drama


Actor Ji Chang Wook has been confirmed to star in tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama “K2” (working title).

Glorious Entertainment announced on 27 July that Ji Chang Wook has chosen K2 as his next project, and is expected to commence filming soon.

K2, which will air on tvN after “The Good Wife”, is a story about a former mercernary soldier turned bodyguard, the wife of a political candidate who uses his services, and a 20-year-old young lady who lives separate from the world.

In the drama, Ji Chang Wook plays Kim Jye Ha, a JSS elite bodyguard who was formerly a war mercernary soldier. Although he was once an outstanding agent, he becomes a fugitive due to a suspicious case, and gradually changes when he falls in love.

Ji Chang Wook said, “Kim Jye Ha is a cold and cynical character but he has a charm that always draws me back to him. I am anticipating and curious about the relationships he will form with the other characters in the drama.” He added, “I wanted to meet my fans who have been waiting for me to comeback with a Korean production as soon as possible. I will see everyone soon. I will work hard to prepare and return with a good image.”

Source: Osen

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14 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook confirms K2 as his next Korean drama

  1. Thank you for such great news!

    YES!!! Finally! JCW is back baby 😀 I’m so excited to see him in a drama. It was a long wait, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. He’s going to be fierce and awesome as always. His an amazing actor, handsome, and a great guy. 😉

    JCW Fighting! Wishing you all the success in the world. We’ll be supporting you 100%

    :* ❤

  2. Glad he’s back — such a charming guy. I love all guys who adore their dogs and I think he’s one of them.

  3. JCW is a damn good actor in both comedic and serious things and I’m very happy cuz he’s back. But I’m dissapointment cuz he plays with yoon-ah. For an actor to be a really good actor, he needs to play with a good actress.

    • Yoona might not be the best actress, but I think she will bring in the hype and the ratings which is good thing for me. Seeing as tvN paid JCW such a large fee due to his popularity in China, it seems K2 will be tvN’s push towards the Chinese market, in other words it will most likely be a Hallyu drama. And as far as I know, most Hallyu dramas aren’t known for their great plots. I have a feeling K2 will probably be a more generic type of drama so that it is easy enough to swallow for international audiences.

      But I’m still excited! Truthfully, I think between a high-quality drama or a highly-watched drama, I think JCW needs a drama that can get high ratings more. This will probably be his last drama before entering the military for two years. His popularity isn’t yet solid enough in Korea, he needs a major success in order for the public to not forget him by the time he returns from the military.
      This might be too much like business speak, but this is a critical time for JCW’s career and I think his agency knows that very well.

      Wishing JCW and the rest of the cast and crew of K2 success!!!

  4. Wow! This makes me happy!
    Although I’m concerned about him not getting enough rest. I didn’t expect him to get back so soon. Whirlwind Girl’s wrap-up was, like, only days ago! Aigoo~
    As much as we want to see you in a korean drama again, we don’t want you getting ill and exhausted. Take it slow, oppa. We’re right here, waiting patiently. So please take good care of your health. ^^

  5. I hope it’s a good story. That’s all I ask for. And please let the stylist do JCW justice.

  6. Thank you.. Thank you Gabby for this GREAT piece of news!

    Finally!! JCW back in a Korean drama!! I can’t wait! Missing JCW ever so much! So happy JCW has confirmed taking K2 on. Absolutely so happy!

  7. I’m excited that he will return with the best Kdrama available at this time. It fits his talents well. All characters change in a well told story. I think the writer “will perform” better than his previous work knowing he has to prove himself to the viewers. JCW is not afraid to interact with writers and producers and I think he will keep them on their toes. I want this drama to be his “crowning glory” before he goes to MS. I feel the love he has for his fans. He is such a “dreamboat” with his new look!

  8. “gradually changes when he falls in love”
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. I don’t like the sound of that….. seems too much like Healer……
    I like that he is playing a cynical and cold character, I hope he pulls it off! Of the dramas I’ve seen with him, all his characters had this sort of friendly, even child-like charm. I don’t want to see that with this character at all. I mean this guy was a mercenary, so he probably killed people for money. I want this character to be truly disillusioned and harsh! Hopefully, this will be a new challenge for Ji Chang Wook! I’m excited!

      • Well, I’m not really talking about the character being manly. For me, being violent, cold, and pessimistic aren’t really the qualities of ideal masculinity. But those are the qualities I want to see from this character! I just want to see how JCW can pull off this type of character. I want him to be challenged so he can grow as an actor!

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