[Interview] 20160728 Tengxun – Ji Chang Wook “Whirlwind Girl 2” interview

I’m not childish, I’m actually a philosopher. 


The ongoing broadcast of “Whirlwind Girl 2” has given us a big surprise — Ji Chang Wook. He is cool and mysterious in the drama, but outside the screen, he is always described by his colleagues as “playful and active”, “greedy and childish”, and won a legion of fans based on these qualities, including the endearing nickname of “Ji three-year-old (池三岁/chi san sui)”. But in Ji Chang Wook’s interview with Tengxun, he frankly reveals that he is not as “childish” as what everyone thinks, but is mature and thorough when it comes to dealing with daily matters in life, and will even ponder over problems like a philosopher sometimes.

Coach Chang An has a distant feeling that keeps strangers away, is this similar to your real self?
Coach Chang An’s personality is colder, the type who is hard to get close to, you cannot find a trace of smile on his face. But my personality is very different.

Isn’t it rather tough to control your laughter?
So I laugh once the camera isn’t aiming at me.

What is the most interesting aspect of Chang An?
I feel he’s very concrete. There is a big contrast between his personality in the beginning and towards the end, there will be fluctuations and you will sense a big change, so it’s rather fun.

You seem rather fluent in Mandarin. Is the language barrier lesser now during filming?
Honestly speaking, Koreans are not very familiar with the four intonations in Mandarin, because Korean does not have intonation, but Mandarin has it. Sometimes I will say a word, but the other party thinks I’m scolding him because I didn’t use the correct tone, these kinds of situations often occur. There was once during filming where I was saying my lines according to the script, and all the staff members ended up laughing. I later found out that my tone was wrong, so the other person thought I was scolding him.

The first season of “Whirlwind Girl” was highly popular, do you have confidence in the viewership ratings for the second season? Do you think Chang An is capable of becoming a new generation of a “nation’s husband”?
The first season of “Whirlwind Girl” was too popular, so it makes me stressed. I do not bear any particular hopes of him becoming a nation’s boyfriend or nation’s husband. I just hope that the audience will watch this drama, and that everyone will love it.

Chang An has several fighting scenes, were those difficult to act?
I’ve done action scenes in previous dramas, so I do have such experience.

Were you injured during the fighting scenes this time?
I act as a coach, so I didn’t get hurt as much as the other actors.

This coach bullies several people. Was it enjoyable for you?
I don’t feel good bullying others, I’d rather film scenes of myself getting beaten up. Compared to bullying others, getting bullied is somewhat better.

If you really had to bully someone, do you often find yourself unable to land a blow on the other person when fighting?
Although it’s just acting, if we had to fight for real, I will still feel uncomfortable. I will apologise to the other person.

You go against Chen Xiang in the drama. The two of you have many fighting scenes together right?
Basically, I have many scenes with him where sparks fly. The way they were filmed can make the blows look heavy, but I was actually unable to deal the blows during filming, we will discuss how to go about filming.

You keep emphasizing this point. Are you especially soft-hearted?
I don’t know either, but because I’ve been hit before, so I can sympathise with their feelings. It’s painful and tiring to get beaten up, so rather than being the one beating others, I’d rather be the one getting hit.

It’s your first time working with An Yue Xi. How was it?
She plays an important role in the drama, but she did a good job, and carried the mood of the whole show.

Do the both of you have many kissing scenes? Do you feel awkward filming those?
It was pretty awkward, but we had to pretend we weren’t for the sake of work.

In reality, is she a strong woman or a cute one?
She has both kinds of charms, she looks cute sometimes, and strong at other times.

When it comes to girlfriends, what characteristics do you prefer?
I’m not too particular, as long as the feeling is right. As long as we don’t feel bored when talking to each other, she can understand what I’m saying, and we are able to have a smooth conversation.

An Yue Xi teased you on stage by calling you childish, do you think you are childish?
I don’t think so. I’m the matured type, I will deal with problems seriously in real life. My thinking is more on the philosophical side.

Then are you a person with complicated thoughts?
No, I just think very philosophically, not so simple.


Translated from Mandarin to English.

Source: Tengxun


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  1. He is just childish in the outside sometimes, but very deep and mature in the inside. He has a beautiful soul with a child-like appearance. 🙂

  2. Well! As far as I am concerned, our world needs a person like JCW more. 😀
    He is not childish; he has a child like quality. They are two different things. He’s sweet, warm hearted, and playful when he is with the people he likes and comfortable. When he’s working, he is focused and dedicated. JCW is actually very mature and professional. That’s why I like him, besides he is drop dead gorgeous ~~~ ❤

  3. In my opinion, Ji Chang Wook is incredibly cute and adorable on his behavioral aspects, but he has a very positive and mature attitude, and every time he answered questions in his interviews, I can feel his wise and deep thoughts about life. Actually I love every side of him…

  4. Funny JCW says this now, I’ve been thinking lately about all the he’s so cute and childdish comments from fans lately…How shallow comprehension of Wookie many have, it’s scary thinking maybe only this shallow view is keeping them as fans, sad really…There’s so much more wonderful to this guy! It’s more shocking that people have missed this deep and serious side to wooks and only see him as this charming playful guy! If you pay attention to his thought out IV answers and to the general kind attentive ways he threats people and his work you’ll see his a very mature and deep person to the core! Also, being playful could be a symptom of a well thought out philosophy, rather than just unthinking spontanity; life is hard, play brings lightness to the heavy work life entails..And you know he’s been working really hard lately! NOTICE the “could be”, I don’t want to place words in his mouth and claim to know his thoughts! But as somebody deep utilizing playfullness and often misunderstood as merely a goofball as well, I do know what I am talking about!!

    SORRY long comment !! :P. Rant over!! But I think people should indeed know about this side of JCW!

  5. If it were not for JCW, I would have given up on Whirlwind 2 after 3 or 4 episodes because of the weak dialog and behavior among the teenagers – silly beyond belief! The script seems such a comedown after “Healer” and “Empress Ki” which I have watched 7 or 8 times each as I have waited for JCW’s new work. And I miss his sweet voice in Korean… It was so good to finally see his smile in Epi. 8.

    • Totally agree with you @Ann Crowell. Very weak dialogue. I usually fast forward to scenes where JCW appears. And I always end up watching Healer for the umpteenth time just to hear his sweet sexy voice.

  6. JCW never takes life for granted. Growing up in a single parent home, he has had to work so hard for everything he has. I can see his maturity and decision making skills regarding work, home, friends, etc. It takes a special individual to keep grounded in the celebrity world. I admire him very much! He is worth every penny of his pay and more! Only want the best for him!

  7. Thanks for this interview Gabby.

    “Philosopher”? Mmmm..somehow I can only see a mischievous JCW. But..I’m also happy to see a more serious side to JCW. He really is the complete package. Looks.. talent.. great physique.. generous.. funny.. and a thinking man! There really is only the one JCW! Love him to bits..!

  8. Wait! What?! Did he just say that he got beaten up before hence the empathy? But for him to prefer being bullied than do the bullying is a very remarkable trait. Awww… Wookie is a good guy.

  9. Love this interview, he answered all the questions in a mature manner, straight to the point and seem objective.

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