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3 thoughts on “[Weibo Update] 5 August 2016

  1. I think it has to do with episodes 9-10, that strawberry hairpin has importance to Bai Cao – given to her by her Song Bai hall senior Ruo Bai (who used to be the one who led the excercises at Song Bai hall) and they had feelings for each other in season 1 (all they did was hug once though, that’s it). But he had a heart condition and he’s either dead or somewhere in the US doing who knows what.

  2. me too. we need more of an indication of what the message is in this post. where are you watching WG2?

  3. I am watching WG2. I have nothing to say but I am curious as to what this post means so I’m posting so everyone else’s comments show up in my inbox. Maybe it’s from an episode that I haven’t watched yet. I’m only up to Ep8. I want to see what other people think this means 🙂

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