[CF] Ji Chang Wook warms up with AMH 2016 Fall/Winter collection

AMH is not resting on its laurels either when it comes to Ji Chang Wook’s promotions for its own 2016 Fall/Winter clothing collection.  We have the results here, plus a short behind-scenes video from the photoshoot.  Take a look!


Credit:  AMH Weibo; Taobao Mall

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3 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook warms up with AMH 2016 Fall/Winter collection

  1. wow thanks for the pictures! he is so gorgeous and takes beautiful pictures! there is something about him~

  2. Thank you Cherkell! Great start to my weekend!

    Always so very very happy when JCW photo shoots are posted. JCW in all his imperial cuteness. The short video is a huge bonus! What did JCW say though? Something to do with his makeup? (just guessing) But watching that short video clip..it strikes me that being a model is really really tough work. JCW..you’re working really hard. Thank you!

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