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6 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 10 August 2016

  1. Thanks for this photo Cherkell.

    What strikes me most about this pic is JCW’s pensive profile. He could be thinking of hotpot or a good steak BBQ for all I know..but for me..JCW’s profile never fails to get me right in the gut! What is is about this guy? Honestly!!

  2. These brief glimpses show how much JCW treasures his friends and how his friends treasure him. He is very lucky to have a place he can socialize, relax and be himself. Hey friends, can you teach JCW some sexy dance moves? Thanks JCW Kitchen for all the updates!

  3. Oh my breathlessness! I need a warning before I open an email where his arms are like this! “frantically fanning myself*

    I think I like thick cut JCW better than super muscular cut Baek Sang Woo.

  4. JCW really treasures his friends and his friends treasure him. I am so glad he can go to a “safe” place to socialize and relax…too many celebrity bar scandals. Wanna see him dance…come on friends, teach JCW some ulala dance moves!!

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