[CF] More of Ji Chang Wook keeping warm for the AMH 2016 Fall/Winter collection

Just as there’s cotton and wool to be sewn into clothing, there will always be a model for these creations.  To that end, AMH has released additional photos from their 2016 Fall/Winter collection featuring Ji Chang Wook all bundled up during what has been one of the hottest Korean summers on record.  What a trouper!  😀9f6ec54djw1f6ma684a2yj21kw2hbhdt 9f6ec54djw1f6ma7lolfrj21kw2gghdt 9f6ec54djw1f6ma6m9v3tj21kw2ggb29 9f6ec54djw1f6ma6jb1ewj21kw12mqil 9f6ec54djw1f6ma6h0yrfj21kw12hdwt 9f6ec54djw1f6ma5vor2mj21kw2ggu0x

Not to be outdone, Glorious Entertainment has also posted a nice selection of behind-scenes shots from the photoshoot:

KDW_01_050 KDW_02_089 KDW_03_080 KDW_06_035 KDW_07_018 KDW_08_025 KDW_09_079 KDW_10_005 KDW_10_052

Credit:  AMH Weibo; AMH WeChat; Glorious Entertainment; Taobao Mall

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4 thoughts on “[CF] More of Ji Chang Wook keeping warm for the AMH 2016 Fall/Winter collection

  1. Thanks you Cherkell!

    What a great start to my week. All those beautiful pics of JCW. Yes!! Everytime I see new pics of JCW he seems to have grown even better looking if that is at all possible!! Amazing person!

  2. i’ll take him in the blue and the green and definitely the tiger shirt! i will take him in any of them. the clothes are nice and he makes them so much nicer!

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