[Instagram/Weibo Update] 22 August 2016

The k2 포스터 촬영끝!  모두 good night 💋 #thek2 #tvn #금토 #드라마 #김제하 #코드명 #K2

End of The k2 poster shoot!  good night all 💋 #thek2 #tvn #Friday and Saturday #drama #Kim Jae Ha #code name #K2

nimen wanan [睡]

good night all [睡]

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6 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 22 August 2016

  1. September 23 can’t come round fast enough for me! And JCW looks really good in that poster. As always!

    @Beez..that was very observant of you. I had to stare hard to see that pink smudge.

    @Cherkell..think your presumption is probably correct. Why is JCW always getting roughed up? But I bet he gave back as good as he got!

    September 23..still a month to go! Sigh..

  2. How can a person still look so good after being messed up…incredible. JCW has gorgeous features and we fans love it. Can’t wait for posters and trailers. Counting the days…

  3. Was his character painting? I ask because we know his skin is flawless, yet there’s a pink smudge on his cheek. The wall behind him seems to be that color.

    Does anyone know when K2 will begin?

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