[Drama] First stills and teasers of Ji Chang Wook in “The K2”

Photos of Ji Chang Wook at the first filming of his latest drama “The K2” were revealed today.  Kittens and muscles together.  OH MY.  😀

The photos show him in the midst of filming an action scene. A representative of the production team said, “Ji Chang Wook portrayed a realistic action scene without holding anything back. He learnt things quickly and produced excellent results, leaving the production team impressed. He is also an actor who showed detail in his emotional acting. Audiences will be able to discover the contrasting appeals of Ji Chang Wook through ‘The K2′”.

Ji Chang Wook’s management Glorious Entertainment adds, “In order to handle the action scenes, Ji Chang Wook has been hitting the weights, which has paid off during practice. With great agility and reflexes, his combat training is going smoothly. It’s great to see him working hard even amid a packed schedule. You can look forward to his action scenes in the drama.”

In addtion, tvN also released a new teaser for the drama!

Credits: Glorious Entertainment; tvN Facebook, OSEN

8 thoughts on “[Drama] First stills and teasers of Ji Chang Wook in “The K2”

  1. WOW! I’m speechless…. Everything about JCW I love~ ❤ More I know about him, it gets even better. The still cuts and teaser make me want to see ASAP!

  2. If I wasn’t already in love with him, that first shot…and it’s not because he’s kind to kittens (although that doesn’t hurt).

  3. He has a very cute, young, innocent face but his body looks so mature and sexy . LOL . I’m still mad at the second teaser . tvN, why is it so short ?

  4. JCW looks incredible! Sweat and all, did anyone notice his anklet bracelet…haha! He works so hard at his art, actor Ji earns every penny of his salary…what a man! What a total package too…Atlas physique, excellent acting ability, attractive face even with dirt and bruises, alluring and sexy voice, gazelle agility, and mesmerizing eyes!! It looks like this drama will showcase many of JCW’s amazing assets…can’t wait!

    I do not know if anyone feels this way but JCW’s short haircut makes him look so young compared to his matured body. That youthful look will come in handy in his later years!
    K2…YOU ROCK!

    • @Chiyomi..Ankle bracelet! I missed that! Haha..was so totally mesmerized by JCW’s muscled physique that the ankle bracelet escaped me. All those muscles and then that ankle bracelet. Haha.. Love it! Arghhh..I really want to squish this guy!! 😍

      • @chiyomi You describe him so well. Although I am not a fan of the writer of this drama, I AM a fan of JCW.

  5. first thank you tons for the peeks at K2. now, who wants to help him peel off that tank top? especially in the 1st and 5th picture? look at that body build both in repose and while actively moving? he looks great and the praise sounds great! i predict another wonderful project from him

  6. Thank you JCWKitchen!

    JCW has really muscled up since his Healer days. I can’t wait for this drama. It already looks sooooo exciting!

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