[Event] 2016 Ji Chang Wook 3D fan meeting in Seoul (updated with event details)

Now that Ji Chang Wook is done with his concerts in China, he will be making his comeback to Kdrama Land with a fan meeting in Korea!

His agency, Glorious Entertainment, has announced that he will be holding his fan meeting called “2016 Ji Chang Wook 3D: Delight, Dynamic, Delicious” in Seoul this October.

2016 Ji Chang Wook 3D: Delight, Dynamic, Delicious

Date and time: 15 October 2016 (Saturday), 6:00pm KST
Venue: Nanji Hangang Park, grass lawn (난지한강공원 잔디마당)
Directions:  Seoul Subway Line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station, Exit 1, then walk for 20 minutes following the signposts to Nanji Hangang Park.  There will also be a shuttle bus that will travel from Digital Media City Station, Exit 2, to the stage area (approximately a 20-minute ride).

Ticket price: 35,000 won per seat; approximately 1,500 seats will be available (subject to change).  There are various levels of seating that will be chosen by lottery after ticket sales open on 27 September.  The seating layout is are below:

Based on the brief description on Interpark, this will be a casual fun-filled party, where fans can expect to watch the broadcast of his new drama “The K2” with Ji Chang Wook, and binge on chicken and sodas. There will also likely be some music and DJ’ing at the party! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Tickets will go on sale on 20 September 2016, 2pm KST (see update below) via ticketing site Interpark.

We will update this post as more information becomes available.  Meanwhile, get your party hats ready!

5 September update:  The date of commencement for ticket sales has been changed to 27 September (Tues.) 7pm KST. The event will be held outdoors.

21 September update:  Interpark international ticket sales can be located through this link:  Interpark Global.  (Please take note of Interpark’s 7-days’ prior-to-the-event cancellation policy.)  We highly suggest that you register with Interpark Global well in advance of 27 September so as to not delay your purchase in case you run into payment issues.

Good luck to all!


26 September update:

Ji Chang Wook appears in a short promotional video for the event, shared by Glorious Entertainment.

11 October update:  Glorious Entertainment has posted some rules and regulations before arriving at the venue for the 3D Event:

1.  You will need to exchange the ticket issued by Interpark for a wrist bracelet (as shown above).  Those who are 19 years of age and older must provide a copy of your passport or resident ID as a form of identification.

2. Two different types of wrist bracelets will be issued:  one for adults over 19 years of age (orange), and one for attendees under 19 years of age (green).  Each adult bracelet contains two (2) beer coupons for use at the event; only two drinks are allowed per person.  You must present the bracelet in order to redeem the beer coupons (via tearoffs on the end of each adult bracelet).

3.  It will get quite chilly being near the Hangang at night, so be sure to bring along extra clothes and/or blankets to keep warm!

4.  Most importantly, neither Ji Chang Wook nor any members of his staff or agency will be able to accept any gifts, fan mail or support wreaths during this event.  You will also not be able to deliver any gifts to Wook or his staffs during the event, so it would be wise to not bring such items to the venue at all.  As Glorious states in its message to the attendees, “Please come and enjoy with only a warm heart.  Your presence alone is enough of a precious gift.”

Everyone have fun on 15 October!!!

Credit: Glorious Entertainment; Interpark

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  1. wow!!! you’re so lucky Korean fans….how i wish i can attend also…just a wishful thinking…..that’s tomorrow!!!!
    have fun and enjoy……thank you so much for feeding us bout our favorite JCW Gabby…this is best site ever……

  2. Hi There! Any International Fans coming from abroad? I’ll be attending the event alone. I want to meet friends that I can communicate with. 🙂 I’m not good in Korean so better find International Fan to spazz with. 🙂 See you there!

  3. At the moment, we do not know if international fans will be able to buy tickets for this event, since hardly any details has been given. The ticketing information was released on Interpark Korea, which only allows Koreans to purchase. International fans will be able to purchase if the tickets are sold through Interpark Global. Hopefully Glorious Entertainment will provide more answers closer to the sale date.

  4. How can international fans buy tickets. I’m planning go and want to but VIP ticket 😭😭😭
    Is there any way? Please let me know.

  5. Are these tickets going to be available to international fans? Is anyone planning to go? It looks like JCW will be enjoying his fans before enlisting in MS…he is so awesome! I am so excited with all the JCW events being planned via media…he is working his heart out!

  6. Thanks for this piece of news Gabby.

    Lucky lucky Korean fans! Sooooo envious! To all of you who will be attending.. Enjoy!

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